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    QPlease tell the average age of staffs.

    Average age of staffs is 28 (summarized in Aug 2015).

    QPlease explain about training policy after joining company.

    There is a training course for a new staff in order to train about technical skills and operation. In addition, the company frequently organizes research and seminar activities to improve technical skills. These training courses are planned beforehand for staffs’ arrangement.

    QPlease tell about performance evaluation.

    Staff performance is evaluated twice a year based on achievements. In addition, there are several special cases for increasing salary when there is outstanding performance, etc.

    QPlease tell the working hour in the company.

    Working time is from 8:00 AM till 17:00 PM with 1 hour break in the noon time. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

    QIs there probation period?

    The probation period is 2 months.

    QPlease tell about annual leave.

    Company provides 12 annual leave days for a staff. In addition, a staff will get one more leave day after every 5 working years.

    QPlease tell about uniform for staffs.

    It depends on the working position. Technical staffs wear shirts or pull-over with sleeves and trousers while sales staffs wear company uniform.

    QPlease tell about activities in the company.

    There are many activities in the company such as birthday celebration, team building, company trip, summer holiday, family day, sport day, company establishment day, etc.

    QHow long is the recruitment period?

    The recruitment period is usually about 3 to 4 weeks.

    QDoes an applicant with little experience have chance to be recruited?

    Definitely possible. Company treasures potential applicants.

    QHow long is the interview?

    There is only one interview of around 2.5 hours.

    QWhat is the scope of interview?

    Before an interview, company will check an applicant’s capability via tests on logic, common and technical knowledge.

    QWhat does a CV include?

    CV only needs to include experienced tasks and fields.

    QIf there are unclear points about recruitment, where can we contact?

    Please send questions to

    QAfter failing the interviews, can an applicant be interviewed again?

    If an applicant fails the interview, he or she can re-apply after 6 months after the previous interview.


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