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Health is the most valuable treasure of human-being. The organization is healthy and stably developing only when each member is healthy. Health check is conducted annually in order to provide the best health care to the staffs. This year, health check activity was conducted at Medical Diag Center 2 in 4 days from 30 Sep to 21 Oct 2017.

In the morning of 30/09/2017, a beautiful day in the end of Sep, Rivercrane staffs joined “Periodical health check”. All the staffs gathered at the first floor of the health care center located at 75 Pham Viet Chanh, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, HCMC. In addition, some staffs even came earlier to avoid “traffic jams” at the center.

Even though it is Saturday and the health check activity in the center is rather busy, the staff did not need to wait for a long time and were kindly instructed by the health center staffs. The health check activity on the first day thus was conducted smoothly.

In order that the health check provides a proper result for the health status, before the health check activity, the organization committee sent the guideline to all the staffs to instruct some common remindings such as not eating before health check at least 8 hours, drinking a lot of water, etc. The health check center is not far from the company, thus is convenient for transportation. After taking health check, the staffs will submit survey to the board of organization for improvement if any.

The activity continued in the following 3 days (7, 14, 21 Oct 2017).




    RiverCrane Vietnam sympathizes staffs' innermost feelings and desires and set up termly salary review policy. Performance evaluation is conducted in June and December and salary change is conducted in January and July every year. Besides, outstanding staffs receive bonus for their achievements periodically (monthly, yearly).


    In order to broaden staffs' view about technologies over the world, RiverCrane Vietnam set up policy to send staffs to Japan for study. Moreover, the engineers can develop their career paths in technical or management fields.


    Not only bringing chances to the staffs for their challenging, Rivercrane Vietnam also excites them with interesting annual trips. Exciting Gala Dinner with team building games will make the members of Rivercrane connected closer.


    Activities such as Team Building, Company Building, Family Building, Summer Holiday, Mid-Autum Festival, etc. will be the moments worthy of remembrance for each individual in the project or the pride when one introduces the company to his or her family, and shares the message "We are One".


    Rivercrane Vietnam ensures social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for staffs. The company commits to support staffs for any procedures regarding these insurances. In addition, other insurance policies are taken into consideration and under review.


    Support budget for activities related to education, entertainment and sports. Support fee for purchasing technical books. Support fee for getting engineering or language certificates. Support fee for joining courses regarding technical management. Other supports following company's policy, etc.

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