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Football is love and everlasting passion.

Though the past has gone…
and the presence is ongoing…
and the future has not come…,
the love for football is so beautiful.
In fact, each love has its own love for something.

Among our busy life, we find a common love for football. There are several reasons for us to come to football. It may be because we love a great goalkeeper, a beloved striker, a silently sacrificing midfielder or defender, or a cool trainee. Or it is just because we love beautiful football? Everybody’s love is different and the reason is different either; however, we have common happiness and luck when there is a wonderful and special sport like football.

Hello to football fans. Please let us introduce about the football team in the company. The team members are closed like brothers in a family. The members of the team are diversified, which includes the staffs in the company and several friends. We aim to build a well-organized team with a high cooperative spirit and base on this football team to build up a community open for football fans. In order to improve health and relax after working hours, the football team has joined many diversified activities. Weekly, the team practices training at 19:30 at Tieu Ngu football field in district 10, HCMC. The team also welcomes all football fans to join and practice together.




    RiverCrane Vietnam sympathizes staffs' innermost feelings and desires and set up termly salary review policy. Performance evaluation is conducted in June and December and salary change is conducted in January and July every year. Besides, outstanding staffs receive bonus for their achievements periodically (monthly, yearly).


    In order to broaden staffs' view about technologies over the world, RiverCrane Vietnam set up policy to send staffs to Japan for study. Moreover, the engineers can develop their career paths in technical or management fields.


    Not only bringing chances to the staffs for their challenging, Rivercrane Vietnam also excites them with interesting annual trips. Exciting Gala Dinner with team building games will make the members of Rivercrane connected closer.


    Activities such as Team Building, Company Building, Family Building, Summer Holiday, Mid-Autum Festival, etc. will be the moments worthy of remembrance for each individual in the project or the pride when one introduces the company to his or her family, and shares the message "We are One".


    Rivercrane Vietnam ensures social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for staffs. The company commits to support staffs for any procedures regarding these insurances. In addition, other insurance policies are taken into consideration and under review.


    Support budget for activities related to education, entertainment and sports. Support fee for purchasing technical books. Support fee for getting engineering or language certificates. Support fee for joining courses regarding technical management. Other supports following company's policy, etc.


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