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On 04 Aug 2018, all Rivercrane Vietnam staffs and their families joined one of the most important events of the year, Family Day 2018 – Your Family is All Of Your Life. The event took place in a young, active and warm atmosphere in Van Thanh tourist park located in Binh Thanh district.

Every year, the company organizes this event in order to hold a occasion for the staffs’ relatives understand further about the company where the staffs are working. In addition, it is the playground where the staffs and their families have some moment of connection and sharing because it is believed the family is the fulcrum of a staff and the staff is the basis of the company.

Every year, the Family Day organization committee has new ideas as compared with the previous one. However, the indispensable procedure is to introduce families. This year, there is no random list and the introduction is conducted based on projects. The families can know the direct supervisor of the staffs.

After that, there are several team working games for the families which can be joined by all the members of the families including the children and parents. The games are set up in order to connect the family members and families. In the first game, “Charisma is more important”, the participants cooperate to have the most beautiful pictures following the topics proposed by the organization committee such as sleepiness, pouting, happiness, anger, etc.

The next slight activity – “We have super balloons” with blowing up balloons and handing over them. In order to avoid treating of creating small balloons, the organization committee has created a marvelous balloon bat. Thanks to this bat, only balloons that cannot go through the bat are valid for the game.

The most significant of this year is the “Tam sao that ban (A tale never loses in the telling)” game, which is actually not easy at all. For example, it is difficult to read sentences such as “Tri chi vi tri chi, bất tri vi bất tri, thị tri dã” (say understanding if you understand, say not understanding if you don’t, that is actually understanding), “Mặt mập mọc một mụt mụn bọc, hai mụt mụn bọc mọc mặt mộc mập” (this is rather difficult to read). In the game, the teams must read the sentences in the paper and the winning team is the one with more members reading proper sentences clearly at one time. While the adults are busy with the “Tam sao that ban” game, what do the children do? They are preparing another game. That is the “To he (toy figurine)” game, which is one of the Vietnamese traditional arts. After the game, the children are given “To he” by the craftsmen.

After joining all the games, everybody gathered at the Confetti Hall for rest and listen to the CEO’s presentation on the closing of the family day event. After the games, everybody enjoyed the buffet party in the tourist park.

The below shows the behind-the-scenes of the rehearsal for the competition “Charisma is more important” guided by enthusiastic MC and supporters.




    RiverCrane Vietnam sympathizes staffs' innermost feelings and desires and set up termly salary review policy. Performance evaluation is conducted in June and December and salary change is conducted in January and July every year. Besides, outstanding staffs receive bonus for their achievements periodically (monthly, yearly).


    In order to broaden staffs' view about technologies over the world, RiverCrane Vietnam set up policy to send staffs to Japan for study. Moreover, the engineers can develop their career paths in technical or management fields.


    Not only bringing chances to the staffs for their challenging, Rivercrane Vietnam also excites them with interesting annual trips. Exciting Gala Dinner with team building games will make the members of Rivercrane connected closer.


    Activities such as Team Building, Company Building, Family Building, Summer Holiday, Mid-Autum Festival, etc. will be the moments worthy of remembrance for each individual in the project or the pride when one introduces the company to his or her family, and shares the message "We are One".


    Rivercrane Vietnam ensures social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for staffs. The company commits to support staffs for any procedures regarding these insurances. In addition, other insurance policies are taken into consideration and under review.


    Support budget for activities related to education, entertainment and sports. Support fee for purchasing technical books. Support fee for getting engineering or language certificates. Support fee for joining courses regarding technical management. Other supports following company's policy, etc.


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