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Webike Community

"Webike Community" is a professional social network belonging to the Rivercrane group with headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.

Born in 2007, Webike Community has become one of the largest and most trustworthy social networking site in Japan.

Mission and dream

Since being born, Webike Community has established the mission of “Creating a playground to connect all large displacement motorbikes fans”. And that is also CEO Shinano Koki‘s dream, a professional biker. From Japanese colleagues’ ideas and experience, Vietnamese engineers have developed Webike Community. It is sure that in the near future, Webike Community will become a place where fans for motobikes can drop by, gather and support each other as family members.

Main features:

  • Make friends
  • Create groups, events
  • Message
  • Create content to share experiences
  • Register information and evaluate motorbikes
  • Manage motorbikes
  • Other functions, etc.

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