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Webike Community

"Webike Community" is a professional social network belonging to the Rivercrane group with head quarter in Tokyo, Japan.

Born in 2007, Webike Community has become one of the largest and most trust-worthy social network site in Japan.

Mission and dream

Since being born, Webike Community has established the mission of “Creating a playground to connect all large displacement motorbikes fans”. And that is also CEO Shinano Koki‘s dream, a professional biker. From Japanese colleagues’ idea and experience, Veitnamese engineers have developed Webike Community. It is sure that in the near future, Webike Community will become a place where fans for motobikes can drop by, gather and support each other as family members.

Main features:

  • Make friends
  • Create group, event
  • Message
  • Create content to share experience
  • Register inforamtion and evaluate bike
  • Manage bike
  • Other functions, etc.

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