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Webike Global

Building webisite for market outside Japan.

The Global project focuses on developing functionalities servicing the worldwide market (outside Japan). The target users are enterprises and individuals. We expect to build up a community for all motorbike lovers all over the world to connect each other, and provide the users with the experiences in order that they can easily approach their expected products. We expect the customers all over the world to be able to upgrade the beloved bikes based on their hobbies. We also build the functions to connect the shops and garages with the users.

Some significant features:

● Function for spare part shops
● Function for wholesale users
● Function of managin users
● Function of convenient purchase and payment
● Function of point gathering for members
● Searching bikes
● Searching spare parts
● Searching accessories for bike fans such as helmets, protective gear, etc.

For each country, we display corresponding language for the nation, helping them to experience easier. Our engineers are improving more functions to help customers to experience more easily and conveniently during shopping on the site.

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