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Webike Moto Search

"Webike Market" is a site consisting many kinds of new and old bikes which are sold by many shops in Japan. The market is focused on Japan.

Webike Market includes not only basic searching functions such as brand, type, location but also tools to support shops to register bikes for sale, product introduction, shop services, communication with bike buyers through Webike network.

Webike Market provides:

Webike Footstep

One of the criteria to select a bike is the height. If you are worried if the brand you are selecting is suitable with your height or not, “Webike Footstep” will help you.

Based on the informtion of Webike members, we display the bike height following 5 levels of footsteps where each footstep increase 5 cm. You can refer the corresponding height for each bike types before deciding to purchase.

Bike status via video

In order that bike buyers can understand well the status of the bikes, many shops now use video to introduce bikes. Buyers can have an overall look about the bikes that they are interested from starting the engine, sound of the engine, exhausted gas and others through the video. Buyers thus feel more confident about the bikes they plan to purchase.

You can see videos introducing bikes on Youtube channel managed by Webike.
Follow Youtube channel here.

Receive Webike Points from Webike system

When finding the desired bike, you purchase via Webike system. You then will receive the points corresponding to the amount you paid. After purchasing the bike and you would like to purchase accessories or spare parts such as helmets or gloves, you can use these points in Webike Shopping for special discount

(The promotion program is applied to Webike members only)
See further here (Japanese version)

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