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Message from President & CEO

Shinano Koki

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//Message from President & CEO

Rivecrane group was established in Japan in 2000.

In the first 10 yearws, Rivercrane group introduced many new services with impressive developing speed, and it can be considered “Era of challenging spirit – Ready to scope and overcome any difficulty to develop the company under the Japanese spirit”. In the next 10 years is the “Globalization Era”, marked with the birth of Rivercrane Vietnam at the end of 2012 – the first and largest branch of the group. Till 2022, the revenue of the group increased from 4.4 billion Yen to 14.7 billion Yen, equivalent to the 3.3 times development. Together with the steady development of the group, Rivercrane Vietnam has turned to the 10 years and the number of staff has increased 10 times as compared with the establishment time.


The qualified products developed by Rivercrane Vietnam has also largely contributed to the development of the group.

For the enterprise doing business on the Internet like Rivercrane, the investment into IT is in fact a perfect solution. In order to reach the target development rate, building a team working efficiently, quickly and proving qualified products is vital. IT is a developing industry, therefore its development depends much on the smart, quick and flexible young talents. However, it is a difficult problem in Japan, where the popularity has decreased and the number of elders has increased gradually. During that difficult situation, Vietnam with the young and talented engineers has become a hopeful light. With the advantage of being a quickly developing country full of young and whole-hearted talents, the government has invested into IT and called for foreign investment as the top-rank national policy. Besides the above advantages, Vietnam and Japan are Asian countries with a lot of similarities in culture, religions, etc., which strengthen the close relationship between Vietnam and Japan. Moreover, when arriving in Vietnam, I recognized all families drive bikes, which is my everlasting passion. At that time I confirmed that it was here and nowhere else for development. Until now, my belief has still been still correct!


Why was Vietnam the first selection for globalization?

We selected Vietnam for the first nation in the globalization strategy. Until now, Rivercrane has built up 7 offices in 7 countries in Asia. Talking about the modern worldwide economy, we can’t help saying about globalization. Thanks to the revolution of communications in which GAFA is the representive, the start-up companies have made used of technology to bring impact to the whole world. The globalization has quickly taken place together with the analog to digital conversion and it can be seen that the worldwide economy with Asia is the core has developed with the same way. Rivercrane is believed to play the important role in the Asian market. Rivercrane Vietnam will make use of the advantage of being a member of global Rivercrane group in order to extend the operation scope to the whole Asia, and open the way to the new lands with the advanced technologies.

Besides developing business operations as a member of Rivercrane group, Rivercrane Vietnam has extended business to many Japanese enterprises. Through those businesses, Rivercrane Vietnam has step by step become a bridge to connect Japanese enterprises to develop business in the world. WE are ready to cope with and overcome the difficulties to become a strong Rivercrane Vietnam where the staffs feel happy, developed and successful. Rivercrane Vietnam will contribute to the development of Vietnam IT and a young, vital and potential Vietnam in overall.

For myself, meeting Vietnam and developing the business here is one of the most happy things in my life. Rivercrane group has been developing together with Rivercrane Vietnam. Let us move towards the future we are dreaming!


01 Apr 2022
Founder CEO of Rivercrane
CEO of Rivercrane Vietnam

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