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Philosophy of Rivercrane

Enterprise's philosophy is its idealogy and core value, which is the basis for judgment and decision of for the members. Recently, the average longevity of an enterprise is estimated around 30 years; however, our target is to build up an enterprise which can exist and develop even after 1000 years. Therefore, our business philosophy is what can be recognized and applied at any time. We will a company where everybody can answer who they are and every staff would like their descedants to join and contribute to the business.

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//Philosophy of Rivercrane

Philosophy of Rivercrane


Respecting harmony

That is not just creating close and good relationship. It is the tolerance, the adjustment to fit with each other based on the difference between religion, race, sex, age and other values of each individual. In order to do that, we can keep the sanctity, own value and respect for others. The first important thing is that we need to accept the different values and life perspectives of the colleagues and respect them. Let us make close relationship with the colleagues in the company where we spend most of the time and support each other to improve and develop. In the modern society full of individualism, following “Respecting Concord” said by Shokutaishi, we need to preserve it as an important value. It does not mean a competition or allowing easiness for ourselves or indulging others’ will. Instead, through identifying and upgrading our own value through the work, we can understand and sympathize each other. In order to practice the word “Harmorny”, it requires each person’s strength. There is one famous question “You cannot live if you are not strong enough. You do not deserve living if you are not kind.”. We have to set the target to be strong to extend kindness in the competing world. I believe when we become stronger, we can server customers better and we become happier.

Challenging spirit and will

In the society where digital technology and social networks develop speedily, I believe the “challenging spirit and will” is very important. Technology and techniques are the means and not the purpose. Nurturing challenging spirit and will is the actual purpose of each person. WE can apply the technology and techniques smartly and smoothly to achieve the good job; however, it is still not enough. In the important periods when survival decision is required, we need challenging spirit and will in order to have enough courage to go to the next step. Our company is not a collection of the talents only. Originally, the company started with a collection of the persons of the same interest in motor bikes. All have different orginations and experiences. Therefore, in order to exert the strength and performance of all staffs, the challenging spirit and will and continuous effort is indespensible. Our target is to build a company where each staff can work proactively with the best effort to achieve the best performance, strength and acknowledgment. We do not build a company with only necessary persons for the current jobs. Instead, we are a group of persons of the same ideal and target, working together to create jobs for each of us to work and contribute. The journey ahead still has many difficulties and that is the reason why we need to develop more and more. We need to create a superior company to comply with many orentiations and expections for works of many people. I keep in mind that we will not do the shameful things once we are honest. However, we also have to admit that money is very important as it is often said that a hungry belly has no ears. How can we become a person respecting honor? How can we feel proud of ourselves?

Respecting honor and feeling ashamed

It is not acceptable if we just focus on “making profit”. We do not do business and build up a career which we cannot face other people. That is the reason why pride is more important than money and profit. If it is not a job which we can be proud of talking about it to the others officially, we cannot keep our pride and honor. In addition, when doing business, honesty is the most important.

I keep in mind that we will not do the shameful things once we are honest. However, we also have to admit that money is very important as it is often said that a hungry belly has no ears. How can we become a person respecting honor? How can we feel proud of ourselves?

Honor and pride are equal to given happiness to receivers. Therefore, I think the more we give happiness to others, the more fame and pride we can get.

Through the business, we would like to bring happiness and good things to the customers, staffs, staffs’ families and everybody in the world. I think bringing big happiness to a few persons is as precious as bringing small happiness to many persons. We will not build an enterprise which do not bring any value to others. In addition, we need to avoid imitation (idea stealing) cowardly.

Study more and more

In order to grow up and develop, we need to continuously try and spare no effort and not compromise ourselves. On the other hand, we need to improve ourselves everyday. That is the spirit of working hard together. The development of the company is the development of each staff. The development itself is the target and and not the way how to reach. The development is not the adaption to the environment but the development in the will. Our development is not random. That is the continuous effort to become the best version of we want to. When we were young, we were very happy when riding a bicyle for the first time, being able to do what we could not or discovering what we did not know before. We should feel joyful and happy when changing ourselves in order to satisfy our curiosity and challenging spirit towards various difficulties.


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